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Dynamic Women®

Mar 29, 2022

Do you have woulda, coulda, shoulda’s and regrets in life? In this episode, I.J, McIntyre talks about the power of gratitude and how you can feel regret-free one T.H.X. at a time.

Don’t miss:

  • The remarkable way her mom faced adversities and embraced adventures and how she shares this in her book “The Grateful...

Mar 22, 2022

Are you feeling happy or looking to make the world a happier place? We recently celebrated the International Day of Happiness, and Canada ranked 15th this year in happiest people in the world. In this episode, Diane Rolston talks about happiness - how you can own it, choose it, take action, and share it. 

This shows’...

Mar 15, 2022

Do you feel like you're in a place where you need to do a transition and focus on your priorities, and you want a little bit more passion in the career you choose? 

Listen as Diane Rolston and Christina Humphries discuss:

  • Christina’s story
  • How becoming a mother changed her career and the hardships she experienced

Mar 7, 2022

Are you missing out on motivation? Are you looking for that pill that you could take to be more motivated? In this episode, I share with you the five reasons why motivation is hard and the easiest action so that you can be more motivated.

This shows’ host, Diane Rolston, is called THE Expert on Being Dynamic...

Mar 1, 2022

Have you been thinking of doing a home renovation or building a new home and you want to save time, energy, and money? In this episode, Desiree La Cas talks about how she manages being a mom and her career, how experts like contractors and designers can actually help save time, energy & money, how she works with her...