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Dynamic Women®

Jan 7, 2020

Wondering how real estate investment can create a better life for you?  In this episode, I welcome Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam to the show to discuss how they help people reach financial freedom through real estate investment opportunities.  They reveal how they found real estate to be the single best way to help you create a stable and reliable passive income. Are you ready to live your best life?

Annie Dickerson and Julie Lam are the co-founders and managing partners at Goodegg Investments, a company that helps people learn about and invest passively in group real estate investments called syndications. Annie and Julie both started investing in real estate over ten years ago and created Goodegg Investments because they wanted to help other busy working parents build passive income so they could spend more time with their families.

To date, Goodegg Investments has co-sponsored over $700 million in real estate assets across the country and have helped hundreds of investors build wealth for their families through real estate.

Goodegg Investments’ Social Media links:

Instagram: @goodegginvestments

Facebook: @goodegginvestments


This shows’ host, Diane Rolston, is called THE Expert on Being Dynamic and living a Dynamic Life. After leading hundreds of events and programs in her two businesses, speaking on international stages, being a published author while raising two young children, Diane Rolston knows all about work/life balance and getting things done! As an Award Winning Coach and the CEO and founder of Dynamic Women®, a global community of women, her purpose is to unlock the greatness in others. Diane works with professionals all over the world to provide clarity, confidence and action.

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Diane believes we are not defined by our titles or our roles, instead we are more powerful and happy when we can be who we are. This brought out her book Dynamic You™, based on a successful program, where she reveals the secret code to confident, wealthy and successful women and leads women to unleash the Dynamic Woman™ in them!

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Dynamic Women® is an international community
of success oriented women who take action
to develop skills, increase results and are focused on supporting each other to be DYNAMIC in every area of life! Our members get access to success coaching, additional online educational activities, and the invaluable networking connections they need to
reach their personal or professional goals.

Dynamic Women® is the brainchild of Diane Rolston, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 20 years of experience teaching and training. Her vision is to hold space for professionals, small business owners and all women to experience high value, actionable coaching and build a thriving community of motivated, confident, and supportive women.