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Dynamic Women®

Dec 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered how single women do it? How do they run their own businesses? And how do business owners run their own businesses anyway and stay in cash flow? In this episode I welcome Estrellita Gonzalez to the show .  She shares what she does on a daily basis to remain strong with whatever life throws at her. You will learn her secrets to improve your confidence and increase your net worth. especially in this economy.

Estrellita Gonzalez’s values on health and wellbeing guide her days and work. She is a politician, a single parent to her 17 year old son, and a conscious Entrepreneur. Her businesses
include the successful Vancouver-based Derma Bright Clinic as well as multiple wellness companies. She has a BBA in HR management and many years of corporate experience in
marketing and HR.

Estrellita has studied wealth building and money for years and now as a digital wealth investor and educator, she supports women in building their net worth through passive income.

Website: and
Social Media: Facebook:
Twitter: @dermabright @estiemartin


This shows’ host, Diane Rolston, is called THE Expert on Being Dynamic and living a Dynamic Life. After leading hundreds of events and programs in her two businesses, speaking on international stages, being a published author while raising two young children, Diane Rolston knows all about work/life balance and getting things done! As an Award-Winning Coach and the CEO and founder of Dynamic Women®, a global community of women, her purpose is to unlock the greatness in others. Diane works with professionals all over the world to provide clarity, confidence and action.

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Dynamic Women® is an international community of success-oriented women who take action to develop skills, increase results and are focused on supporting each other to be DYNAMIC in every area of life! Our members get access to success coaching, additional online educational activities, and the invaluable networking connections they need to reach their personal or professional goals.

Dynamic Women® is the brainchild of Diane Rolston, a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 20 years of experience teaching and training. Her vision is to hold space for professionals, small business owners and all women to experience high-value, actionable coaching and build a thriving community of motivated, confident, and supportive women.

In the Dynamic Women® Global Club your network will grow, your confidence will be boosted with the Coaching in Action©, and you’ll reach your goals faster though our trainings, coaching, and networking opportunities.

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